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Fears a collection of short stories, darkness

Hey everyone, how are you? I wrote this a while ago and figured that since I’m on vacation I might as well post it. This is still a scheduled post by the way, I won’t be back until the 18th or around that time. I had wanted to write more to this but I don’t really have tons of time to, because I have to plan out all of my other posts for you guys 😉 Anyway, enjoy this, its one of the short stories in my collection of short stories about fear. Its not done yet, though.

“At the rate we’re going at they’ll catch us in no time, we have to go in the woods” Evan said to Kate.

“But, we can out run them, I know we can. Evan. . . ” Kate said trailing off.

“No, we ca-” Evan stopped mid sentence, turning his head.

“Evan, what is it?” Kate asked. Evan grabbed Kate’s arm. Kate started to protest but Evan shushed her. “We have to go now” Evan said quietly. Kate dug her feet into the ground, the woods were dark, and not to mention easy to get lost in. 

“Kate! We. Don’t. Have. Time. For. This” Evan said through gritted teeth. Kate just dug her feet further in the ground. “I would let you die, but I made a promise and I plan on keeping this one, so I’m going to do whatever it takes”Evan said scooping up Kate in his arms. With Kate in his arms, Evan ran towards the mouth of the forest, and the darkness swallowed them.


Hows life?

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