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Discover new books with Lucia!

Hello, I hope you are having a great day. Let me start off by saying  this, I started making my posts come at 7:30 or 12:30 if you live in the UK or 2:30 if you live in Greece or even 8:30 if you live in Japan. I hope you like knowing that when its 7:30-I’m not listing all the different times again, and if you didn’t see a time by your country you have to understand there are a lot of countries-you get a new post by yours truly. When school starts however,  the times might get messed up. Anyway, I had a point for making this post, so lets get to that! I’ve decided to make a new chain of posts. This one is called, discover new books with Lucia. Basically,I’ll help you find  new book to read, and in turn you guys can suggest a book to me in the comments 🙂  To start, I’m going to tell you book trolls about a series I found out about via school book fair. The first book in the series is called Slated. Unknown-1Slated is about a girl named Kyla, whose memories have been erased. The thing is Kyla used to be a terrorist, but the government is giving her a second chance. Kyla has to play by their rules. If Kyla doesn’t succeed, she won’t be getting another chance. Its a really good book, so you should go out and read it. Then, when you’re done you can pick up the next book, fractured, and when you’re done that you can pick up the last book, shattered. Enjoy! happy reading!


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