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Books to bring on vacation

Hey guys, I hope you are well. Right now I’m either getting ready to go on vacation or I’m in the car driving to the beach, so this is a  scheduled post. Today, I will be talking about books to bring on vacation! Okay, I personally really like fantasy books. I mean yes, I read realistic fiction, but the books I read are mostly fantasy books (or sci -fi books). So on vacation I’m bringing- this may surprise you-fantasy books! In my head I have some ideas but I’m not 100% sure yet. Well, that is past me isn’t, current me probably has all the books for vacation planned out. But, hopefully this list can help you also pick your next book to read on vacation. So lets begin shall we?

1.Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief:

Why you should bring it on vacation

  • its a fantasy book so you get sucked into the books world. Which ultimately is good for long car rides (if you can read in the car that is).
  • Its not terribly short, but at the same time its not terribly long either

2. Shadow and Bone-which sounds quite similar to another book called Smoke and Bone

why you should bring it on vacation

  • Again its a fantasy book which is good for long car rides
  • its medium length
  • its a series I don’t know if thats a pro or con)

*Before I forget, Percy jackson is also apart of a series so keep that in mind*

Other good books to bring on vacation include:

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

This book isn’t a fantasy book but it is quite beautiful. My teacher read this book to us in sixth grade and I loved it. I actually went out and got this book myself. Stargirl, is about a girl who was homeschooled, and goes to high school for the first time. The girl-stargirl-dresses weirdly, and sings happy birthday to people in the lunch room when its their birthday. Its a really good book trust me.

Thats all I can think of right now. But, even if you’re not going on vacation anytime soon you should still read Stargirl.


Hows life?

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