just life

Do you guys want to hear a funny story?

Hey guys. I hope you are doing well. You know how I created the AOBA (average ordinary bloggers award) to celebrate ordinary regular people with blogs that above average? Well on the night that I had posted everything about AOBA-including nominations-I got chosen for the Liebster award! I mean I’m still going to do it and I am so excited, but at the same time I’ll have to do a lot of research for small blogs that I think deserve this. It feels kind of like christmas for me right now, giving so much stuff to people and seeing how they react. Regardless, I’m so so happy and excited! When I made the AOBA I just nominated people now I get to join in the fun. You know that saying about how if you do hard work or good deeds then in return good things will happen to you? I think this is my good thing. Anyway, thats all for now book trolls! Keep reading or writing, or whatever it is you like to do. Lucia out. I don’t know why I did that but I did.


Hows life?

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