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Paper Towns meets the movie screen, monster post

Movie poster from Imdb. Paper Towns comes out today in theaters.
Movie poster from Imdb. Paper Towns comes out today in theaters.

*I decided to start something called monster posts, or huge posts with a whole bunch of things in it. This one is about Paper  Towns, I went more in depth about this posts topic at the end of this introductory-ish paragraph. Hope this post makes you laugh at the right times 🙂 * Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing great today!Exciting news everyone, Paper Towns by John Green comes out in the theaters today! For those of you that don’t know, Paper Towns was a book and the movie adaptation is out today (in America, I don’t know how that works in other countries). Paper Towns wasn’t necessarily my favorite by John Green, but I still really want to see the movie. If you keep reading-which you totally should-you’ll get to read about my favorite characters in Paper Towns, what the book is about-and hopefully the movie too-, maybe a review of the book? I don’t know maybe thats kind of a big maybe though so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a review of the book in there. 😉 Oh and you’ll also get to hear my opinions on some other matters *cough* movie poster *cough, cough*, wow sorry I just had a really bad cough all of a sudden.   

Okay lets start off with why I want to see this movie:

I saw TFIOS (The Fault in our Stars) in theaters last year and it was really good. I had really high expectations for TFIOS because-don’t yell- it was my first book to movie adaptation. Before I wasn’t really all that into reading, but thats a story for another day. *This is where I get off topic, slightly* I’ve noticed that John Green likes to write about teens going on road trips, you have Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherine’s (at least those are the books by him that I read that were about teens on a road trip, I still haven’t read Will Grayson Will Grayson, and Looking for Alaska) .If you’ve read John Green’s books have you notice that pattern too? When I read a book about a road trip it makes me want to go on a road trip. He should really get into advertising, his slogan could be something like ‘don’t you want to cancel your high school graduation and go on a road trip with pretty much no supplies? Doesn’t that sound fun?’ Actually that kinda does sound fun. *Just realizes that I got extremely off topic*  But anyway, so TFIOS was very well done so I hope that Paper towns will be the same. Although its probably going to be the opposite just because I have high hopes.

Lucia, I have a question.

Yes Lucia, whats your question?

You keep talking about Paper Towns but what is it actually about?

Ah, thats a good question

Picture from Amazon. Paper Towns in book form, Paper Towns is by John Green.
Picture from Amazon. Paper Towns in book form, Paper Towns is by John Green.

*If you’re wondering if that whole exchange was just myself talking to myself then as Emmett from the Lego movie would say “‘you are right'”. That was from when the master builders where in cloud cuckoo land and where at their meeting, and you don’t care. Okay point taken.*

Let me try to explain Paper Towns without it sounding dumb. Okay so give me a moment to think about what points to hit, hmmm. Got it! So basically theres this guy and everyone calls him Q but his actual name is Quentin or something similar to that ( its been a while since I read this book ). Anyway, Q has a neighbor named Margo. Now, when Q and Margo were kids-well I mean they’re teens so technically they’re still kids but you know what I mean-they used to hang out, but now not so much. Now, they’re seniors in high school and Margo is one of the most popular girls at school. Q has a huge crush on Margo but figures that the bike rides are long before them. Margo would never want to date Q, they haven’t talked in years. But then one night Margo climbs through Q’s bedroom window in the middle of the night, asking if he will drive her to random places. During this night, Q drives around town with Margo. At one point they actually end up at Sea World. . . I forgot to mention but Paper Towns takes place in Orlando Florida. Q has an advent full night and he thinks that maybe the friendship he once had with Margo doesn’t have to end. But then Margo disappears. The thing is Margo sometimes runs off, leaves clues, and returns a few days later with stories to tell. Q is determined to try and find Margo. There you have it Paper Towns ladies and gentlemen!


I’m not going to give it a rating out of stars just because its been a good few months since I read it sorry 😦

I liked Paper Towns although it took me a while to finish it. But, the fact that it took me a while to finish Paper Towns had really nothing to do with the actual book, the thing was I was trying to read more books then I could at the time. I did like this book especially at the ending. I thought that Margo was a very well developed character and also quite relatable in a sense. I could really understand how Margo felt. I thought the project she had in her notebook was cute and funny.

Favorite character from Paper Towns:

Picture of Margo from the movie, it was found at:
Picture of Margo from the movie, it was found at:

Margo Roth Spiegelman all the way. I just love Margo. Q, he’s all right but Margo, Margo is great. I think she’s just a complex character and you don’t really know her even when you thing you do. Thats why when you find out kind of who Margo Roth Spiegelman is its just so intriguing. I feel like Paper Towns really shows that people have different sides of them selves that they show the world and Margo is a perfect example of that. Everyone things Margo is just the pretty girl thats popular, everyone thinks thats her, that thats all there is to it. But we really learn that Margo is different and its quite beautiful.

Lets talk about the movie poster:

Movie poster from Imdb. Same picture as shown in the beginning.
Movie poster from Imdb. Same picture as shown in the beginning.

Okay, um yeah I don’t like it. Two faces looking off into space, and some how theres wind blowing the girls hair but not the guys. Then the is right behind the girl like he’s a stocker or just wants to burry his face in her hair. Creepy! I don’t know you might like this weird and depressing cover but I don’t.

Thats all for now, if you read this whole thing then good job! Should I do more monster posts? I kind of liked it, you get tons of information in one post instead of 4 small posts. If you see Paper Towns in theaters tell me how it was, no spoilers please 😉 I don’t want to be told this movie is terrible for reason x, y,and z. At the bottom of this post I’m going to put a link so you can see some more photos 🙂 . You know this is random and not related to Paper Towns but I think I’m going to start calling you guys book trolls. I’ll start now, bye book trolls keep reading or writing if you want to be a writing troll. 🙂

See more pictures here


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