dream log


I had a new dream a couple nights ago. It was very very strange, I don’t think I can share it with you all. You are probably thinking then why are you making a post? To be honest I don’t really know. But in my dream I felt like I had been there before, you know? No? It was like I had the dream already before but it ended abruptly and then I had the same dream again and it was a continuation of the old dream. Its complicated. But heres a glimpse of my dream, I was in prison, I escaped, drove off, and almost died in lava. Then I almost died again, but I don’t know if I really died to be honest. I might have[actually died]. Isn’t that supposed to be bad or something? I don’t know, when I was reading the Ruby Red trilogy I had some weird dreams. I one there was this dance and this guy wanted to kill everyone in a dress, so yeaahh. I told you guys that my dreams are weird. But they’re usually not that weird. What are your dreams like? Did you ever have a really weird dream? Thats all for now book trolls (or writing trolls) 🙂 .

P.S if you don’t understand the book troll/writing troll thing then you can read my book troll post here. I just decided why not give you guys a cute name? Plus another blog I follow does something similar you can read her blog here. She calls her followers runaways, love your blog Missamrunaway! 🙂


Hows life?

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