just life


I realized something. I realized that most of you guys only see the posts that I make each week, because who’s going to take the time to go through all my posts? But you really should, theres some good posts in there from when I had next to none followers, I mean I still don’t have a lot of followers but I have more then ten. I hope that you guys know that I love you, all my followers, it makes me so happy when I get a new follower. Not just because I become more known but because I get to learn about someone else and their story. Anyway, that was off topic, to see my old posts click the pink gear at the top and go through the archives. I suggest looking at I’m a book troll, ( I think I made that post June 2015) how to avoid spoilers ( April 2015 ) when authors kills off our favorite characters A.K.A tree face is dead (April 2015). You know now I realize you could just search those things in the search bar but oh well! Do it how ever way you please. But, seriously, you should go back and read these posts that way you will be caught up in the loop when I referach them.


Hows life?

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