New improvements! And technology related questions

Hey everyone I hope you are well. Today I made some improvements to my blog and I wanted to make that you became aware of them. On my blog I have three little circles at the top corner of my blog. One is three lines, one is a pink gear, and the last one is the search bar. Now I know this must be incredibly boring for you but I know that if you have a wordpress account then you might just read my posts through the reader. Anyway, so the pink gear, yes the pink gear, okay so if you click the pink gear it has all this extra stuff. Before it just had archives and a drop down menu. Now I’m calling it the extras, it will have some little extra stuff, for example, recent comments, a full list of the blogs I follow, top posts and more! So its cool you see? Oh, and I have a question for you all that some of you might be able to answer for me. Okay, so (this question is for fellow bloggers, its a technology question, if you don’t have a wordpress account I still love you 😉 ) you know how in the reader sometimes there will be a post from a blog you follow but on part of the post there will be a strip that says something along the lines of ‘so and so’s blog only allows a small portion of this blog to be seen to see the full post  vista there blog’ ? No? Okay let me try to explain this clearer, one blog I follow is TMI source, in the reader posts by TMI source will have a strip towards the bottom that says this:

Visit TMI Source for the full post

Does anyone know how to do that? If so does that cost money, because I was thinking about doing something like this because sometimes my stats are incorrect and I know it. Thats all for now, please comment if you know or think you know how to solve this problem.


2 thoughts on “New improvements! And technology related questions”

  1. Hey Lucia! Sometimes when people read from their readers the stats are a bit skewed if they don’t actually visit your blog to read it. Hence why some bloggers have more likes on their posts than actual views when they check their stats. As for the “Read More” capability, it’s completely free if you want it. I have a link right here on how to make all your posts “full text or summary.” I’m not a big fan of making my blog posts appear as summaries in the reader myself, but definitely do what you’re comfortable with. 🙂 Hope that helped! Happy reading and blogging!


  2. Okay thanks so much! I just wondered how to do that because I thought maybe it would make my blog stats a little clearer. Thanks again, it drove me slightly crazy not being able to find out how to do that. 🙂


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