The Mortal Instruments series

Hi everyone I hope you’re having a great day today. This post is kind of like an explanation. I will explain to you my situation. 

Me: [reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare] Okay, okay this is really good, love this book so far.

About three days later:

Me: [finishes City of Bones] I. . .I need the next one now! 

Me: [searches online to see if the library has an e book, no e books are available] 

Me: [buys City of Ashes for 10 bucks in the iTunes store] should I have thought about that more? No! 

About two days later:

Me: [finishes City of Ashes] I need City Of Glass now! 

Me: [gets e book version of City of Glass] I am so excited to start reading this!

Five chapters later:

Me: This is a really good book but. . . I wish I had it in book form 

Me: [now talking to myself] What do you mean?You just read City of Ashes on the computer and you didn’t have any problems .

Me: Yeah well I could cover more ground if I had it in book form. 

So basically I was just e booked out. That doesn’t make any sense but hey! I hardly make sense. Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “The Mortal Instruments series”

  1. Keep going! After City of Glass everything really escalates and becomes even more eventful and beautiful. 🙂 Enjoy!


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