Random Writing

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great day! The last time I wrote a lot of you guys liked it, so I decide to write some more. This one is more about my thoughts in life I hope you like it.

Everyone has their own story. In a way everyone is a part of one huge story, and yet, instead of admiring the stories that play before are own eyes, we just suck ourselves into other worlds. Our lives might seem dull, and un important but we don’t dig deep enough. We don’t think, what about in a country stricken by war, what are their peoples lives like? The solution is simple, we as humans like to leave this world without really leaving. Even if we read a true story, we still are leaving are problems and entering theirs when we crack open that book. As a reader I love this effect, the precious luxury of escaping. But, at the same time its hard to believe that as dull as they might be, everyone has a story.

Thats all for today bye!


Hows life?

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