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Review: City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare

Series or stand alone: series (the mortal instruments) six booksUnknown-1

Suggestion: go online to and look

up the suggested way to read the books (there is a prequel series

although TMI spoils the ending of those books)


Set in New York City, Clary Fairchild is an average teenage girl, or so she thinks. She lives in an apartment in Brooklyn with her mom, she likes to draw and read manga, whats weird about that? Nothing, so when Clary hangs out with her friend Simon why would that be any different, right? Thats what Clary thought, but then she saw these guys, with knifes. The only thing is that no one else could see them. When she followed them, Clary witnessed a murder. The only issue is that the body just vanished. It turns out that the ‘boy’ the strangers murdered was a demon, and the strangers that killed him were shadow hunters, people who killed demons. At first Clary could care less, demons please! But then her mother is taken, and the shadow hunters may be the only ones who can help Clary find her.



I really enjoyed this book. I loved the plot twists ( even though some made me angry). I would recommend this book to you if you like fantasy or paranormal stories, romance, and action. I loved all the elements and characters that went into this book. I guess thats all I can say without providing spoilers, so go out and read this book! Then read the others, currently I’m on City of Glass.

Thats all for now bye!


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