Random story pt1

Hello everyone, I figured I would write a little bit. Here it goes.

Speeches, I hate speeches. All those people staring, waiting. Waiting for you to mess up so they sink their teeth in a new piece of gossip. ‘Did you see that girl, she just stopped talking, became frozen’ they’d say. They’re judging me, I can tell already.I rock on the balls of my feet, back, and forth. They say to take deep breaths but when I do my breath rattles out sharply. My eyes are closed tightly, my head bend down. Slowly, I lift my head up, open my eyes. Ahead of me is a girl with a narrow face, red brown hair plastered to her forehead with sweat, green eyes, and an average mouth. That girl is me. I must talk with her I mean me, its, om, its complicated.

Thats all for now! The part about speeches is (kinda) from a the dream I had, but the rest I made up. Hope you liked!


Hows life?

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