new books

books that are coming out today!

Hi guys I hope you are doing well. Happy Cinco de Mayo by the way. Anyway, guess what guess what? Two books ( that I want to read ) come out today! Not one, two. Anyway here they are:


A court of thorns and roses is by Sarah J Maas the author of the Throne of Glass series. A court of throne and roses is a fairy tale re telling of beauty and the beast I believe.


The Heir by Kiera Cass author of the selection. This is actually another selection book if you don’t know. It’s about, well first let me explain the selection series. Okay, the Selection is about a girl named America Singer she lives in the future and there are cast systems. America is a five, so that is where the artists and  musicians are on the ranking. Now, theres a Selection in which the king and queens heir has to pick a wife/ husband at the end of. In the Selection series the king and queens heir is a boy so there are 35 girls randomly chosen. The prince also has to send people home. So, its a big competition. Thats all I can say if you haven’t read the Selection trilogy. But I mean if you had read the Selection trilogy then you should be able to guess.

Anyway, I’m not crazy excited about the Heir but I do want to know what happens to X&Y   (I said X and Y because I want this to be spoiler free but if you have read it you know who I’m talking about well I hope you do). So, that’s all for today bye!



Hows life?

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