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When authors kill off our favorite characters A.K.A Tree-face is dead:

HATE it when authors kill off our favorite characters. What I hate more is when you finally accept or like a character and then the author kills them. Why? Why do you do this to us! But, I can see why they do this to us. I mean it creates action, and it can make a character the way that they are (tough, closed off, etc.) So, this is how I deal (note the book dialogue is made up):
    Book: “Tree-face is dead”

Me: What?! Tree-face,I loved Tree-face! * pushes book away

Me: *Sobs into blanket

So, that’s how I deal. Well then I tell my friends about the book character dying. You know,  I think that whenever someone dies in a book and I review it, I will say ‘Tree-face is dead’, and that will be an inside joke. Anyway, I have another story to tell, well a more specific one that is. Okay, so here’s the thing, a few weeks back I had to take the PARCC test. If you don’t know what PARCC is, it is a very long test to see what you know ( it’s not a pre-test or a final though). So, when you have finished your PARCC test you can read or sleep. So, I was reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas and lets just say that ‘Tree-face died’. Now I wanted to cry so bad but, I couldn’t cry because people were testing. So I had to hold it in until testing was over and I could tell my friend that ‘Tree-face died’. That’s all for today, I’d love to hear your Tree-face is dead moments and how you react when Tree-face dies. Bye!


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