true stories

True stories with Lucia

Here is a  true story for you about my life. Okay, so I finally saw Cinderella in the theaters this weekend. Now I got there about two minutes before the movie started. So I got to see the previews, I love the previews! I like getting to know about movies before other people do and telling them about the movies. Anyway, so this one preview comes on and at first I’m thinking what is this? But then I see a flying ship and I’m thinking ah, peter pan! But It’s not peter pan so I’m confused. But it turns out that this movie is called Pan, and that its the un told story of Peter Pan. But here is the best part! We don’t even have to wait long for this movie to come out, because its release date is this summer. I suggest that you look up the movie trailer if you are a Peter Pan fan. The movie is called Pan, P-A-N like a frying pan. Yeah, I really don’t want to see this movie, can you tell? I’m joking so don’t go crazy okay? It’s called sarcasm so you know, just in case you don’t. Anyway, Pan to be released summer 2015 check it out. Bye! -Lucia.


Hows life?

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