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what I just read: Heir of fire by Sarah J Maas

Hello! I hope you are doing well. I am sorry that I have not written any blog posts lately, but I’m back! I have just finished reading Heir of fire by Sarah J Maas. Heir of fire is the third book in the throne of glass series. If you don’t know the throne of glass series is about an assassin named Celaena. It’s set in the future but there are corsets and horses. There is also a love triangle in this book. (I’m sorry this summary is bad its hard to explain it without giving everything away) Now I will get into the reviews, note there are SPOILERS in it!

If you haven’t read Heir of fire goodbye, I’m sorry but you need to read the series. Okay goodbye! Goodbye, I will not spoil you please don’t do this if you haven’t read it!

Okay, so lets start with the basics. . .(by the way this is really choppy and I’m sorry) I thought that the story with the witches was annoying at some parts. I know its important, but some times I would just want Celaena and her story. I don’t know I’m weird. I did like how we got to see Aedion’s side of things. I got sad when Aedion would think Aelin would be disappointed in him and Aelin thought the same thing about herself. Rowan, oh Rowan where do I start? I love Rowan! I like how far him and Celaena have gone. At first they hardly talked and then he was saving her when she burned out, and giving her more energy to keep on fighting. I loved it when he took her to his room, I also liked how even though Celaena burned him many times he never got mad at her for it. Then you have when she was going to run away. . . At first when Rowan saved her I was thinking Rowan where did you come from? You just show up and save her? But hey I’m not complaining. I was upset when Celaena had to leave Rowan in Wendlyn, I was like can’t you just take him with you! I know that if she did he would be an owl, but still! Anyway, I loved this book and if you notice I’m already counting down the days till the next book. I loved this book and I hope you liked it as much as I did, and if you didn’t then you should try reading the lunar chronicles ( fairy tell re-telling in the future) if you’ve read it already and you don’t like either series then somethings wrong with you. Just kidding, I just really like both series but if you don’t like them I understand. All right, bye till next time!


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