how to avoid spoilers

For many of us readers being spoiled can completely change if we are going to finish a book. Many people hate spoilers, but most of the time people don’t mean to say them. I have been on both sides of this before. I have been spoiled by others, and I have spoiled other people. So, I have some advice for not being spoiled and not spoiling other peoples books. If you don’t want to be spoiled, first off don’t go around telling people how great your book is whenyou are not even halfway through the book. I get it we all do it but if you tell people how great your book is in this situation then the this will happen:

You: I just love this book it’s so good! Have you read it?

Huge fan of the book you are reading: Of course! that’s my favorite book! But I was mad at the author for days after I finished it, I mean why would you have [main character 1] and [main character 2] get together if [main character 1] just dies?

You: What? I’m only on page 67!

See what I mean? So thats why you shouldn’t do that, its inviting spoilers. Instead you could say this; this is a really good book I love it I’m only on page 67 so far, but I’m excited to read more! That is how you handle it, that way the people around you know that you are not far into the book. (But there still might be people who just spoil you so you could talk with someone who is reading it at the same time you are or someone who is never going to read it) Now I will talk about how not to spill spoilers. The following is an example of spoiling a book:

You: I just saw the fault in our stars, it was really good and the movie was just like the book! Although x scene wasn’t how i imagined it and when y happened they didn’t give any foreshadowing ahead of time so it was really shocking.

friend that has not read or seen fault in our stars: What? I did’t know that happens, I haven’t read it yet!

Now a good way to avoid this is to simply ask ahead of time, or talk to people who also read and watched the movie.


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